Ways by William Schantz to Make Money & Grow Skills After Retirement

Abandoning work completely does not work for most people once they retire. Nowadays, Americans are redefining retirement by working past their retirement age and taking up side hustles. This does not only have to be about increasing your income or financial stability. Working through your retirement years is beneficial for your social and emotional well-being as well. William Schantzsays that you get to stay physically and socially active if you work through your retirement. 

From the employer’s perspective as well, senior employees are great assets to the company. They add great value to the business with their added emotional intelligence, skills, experience, and contacts. For instance, a retired official in a management position can make for a great advisor to a new startup. There are several other hustles as well that retirees can consider in order to feel productive and efficient through their retirement. 

If you are wondering how to make money and grow your skills after retirement, here are some tips by Schantz!

How to Make Money and Grow your Skills After Retirement? – A Guide by William Schantz

Throughout your retirement, you will get plenty of opportunities to re-invest the money you have in savings. Or, you might even get a chance to earn more money to create that financial cushion, says Schantz. Here are some of the easiest ways for retirees to earn extra money and grow their skills:

“Consider Writing for Some Extra Income” – Schantz

There will always be a need for good writers in almost every industry. If you have some experience in writing you can stand out by highlighting your skills and expertise. It is a profession that does not require a lot of leg-work, explains William Schantz. If you think you have a way with words, you can always give freelance writing a try. It is one of the most reliable side-hustles for people during retirement. 

Teaching & Tutoring At All Levels

If you believe that you have a passion for passing on your knowledge, teaching is the best hustle for you. Retired people with a lot of industry experience make for great teachers at all levels. You can even teach from the comfort of your home without wearing yourself out physically. Moreover, if you are looking to avoid challenges like ageism and bias, you can consider self-employment. 

“Providing Pet Care is Great for Emotional Health” – Schantz

There is no harm that can come from being around animals. At an older age, all you need is someone to be with and share the love with. Providing pet care is a great way for retirees to stay mentally/emotionally healthy and also earn some money on the side. Pet sitters and walkers even have some great online communities, says Schantz. All you have to do is create an account and they will match you with the type of pet you want to care for. 

Final Thoughts

Retirement does not mean that people have to drop everything and stay at home. You can always look for ways to keep yourself busy and earn some extra cash as well. According to William Schantz, you can try pet care, teaching, freelance writing, etc. as a way to grow your skills and make a few extra bucks. Let us know if any of these side-hustles work out for you in staying active while making money during retirement. 

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