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Online advancements have made life easier in the sense that you can have everything just at one click, including from grocery, apparel, to food items, and much more.

When it comes to buying eyewear, it could be challenging to take an appointment from the doctor and then spending hours and days just to have a perfect frame at hand that matches perfectly to your face cut. Online purchasing has made it much easier.

Vision Direct has introduced for you an online virtual tool that helps you find a perfect frame for you. Its Try-on tool lets you wear the glasses virtually and in the end lets you pick up the best one according to your choice.

How to use VTO?

VTO is a virtual try-on tool that is designed by Vision Direct that asks you to provide it with you 5-second selfie that should include each side of your face in detail. This tool then designs a perfect frame according to your face cut and then lets you wear the frame virtually and choose from amongst them. It becomes quite simple with this VTO to choose the frame of your choice while sitting at your home.

How To Try on glasses online?

After you provide a 5-second selfie to Virtual Tool, some perfect frame designs are made ready you can try on the glasses virtually by following a simple step; you will be provided with options to try-on virtually, by clicking the option, you will be able to try on all the frames that have been prepared for you one by one.

If you are attracted by the idea, why not step ahead to try out this amazing feature

introduced by Vision Direct?

How to know Which Frames Are Best For You?

It all depends upon the face cut. For example, If you have an oval-shaped face then cat-eye frames suits you very wee. On the other hand, if you have a round-shaped face then rectangle-shaped frames would go perfectly with you. Also, if you have a square-shaped face then an oval or round frames fit perfectly well.

Some best glasses to try on for Women

GucciGG0275S glasses

These oversized cat-eye Gucci GG0275S glasses are the best glasses to start with. They help you look great in your eyewear by fitting perfectly into your face cut.

Dolce &Gabbana DG2211 sunglasses

If these Gucci GG0275S glasses have not fascinated you enough, try out these Dolce &Gabbana DG2211 sunglasses which come with tinted gold frames.

Virtual try-on glasses for men

Ray-BanClubmaster sunglasses

These Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are a perfect choice for men who want to look trendy in their eye wears.

Arise Collective Gold Coast specs

Arise Collective Gold Coast specs are a great choice for you if you are concerned about the health of your eye. They protect your eyes from any type of harmful effect that the blue rays can have upon them. .

Some Final Words

All of the above mentions glasses ate highly rated and tested. So, no need to hesitate when you are compelled to buy them. Now, if you want to try out these trendy glasses from Vision Direct you can have them just with one click.