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After being captured and having its power stolen by using Zaigorg, Ultraman Cipher Card resonated with Ultraman X and created the Beta Spark Armor, with X using it to lose Ultraman and Tiga. Kei reveals to Riku that he created the young man from a sample of Belials genetic materials and orchestrated his existence to have him retrieve the ultra capsules. Though Zero intercepted him on the first try, the Dada finds Kei and ends up being killed when he prompts Kei to regain his recollections and summoned Zaigorg to destroy the Legionoid. Unfortunately, being a replica of Ultraman Cosmos, Chaos Ultraman can only stay materialized for 3 minutes before dissipating into Chaos Header. Ultraman appeared in later Collection works, played by numerous voice and swimsuit actors.

The Alien Shapley is voiced by Haruka Jinya and Jinya Haruka, first appearing in episode 20 of Seven. During the ultimate episode of the sequence, Tiga and ultraman merchandise the other Ultra Fusion Cards in Gai’s possession remodel into physical projections of themselves to help Ultraman Orb deliver the finishing blow on Magata no Orochi. In contrast, Juggler holds off the monster long sufficient to expose its weak spot. The Alien Zetton was voiced by Yūki Ono Ono Yūki and primarily seemed in episode 39 of Ultraman. In the 2nd film, Unit 2, the identical form and completely different painting, pink and silver color appeared. The Ultras, which can be sent to different worlds, are given Color Timers or warning lights, which blink with growing frequency and switch from blue to purple if an Ultras vitality supply dwindles or he’s mortally wounded.

Darkish Alien Alien Shapley, Ankoku Seijin Shapurē Seijin, 12-14: An alien mercenary employed by Gina Spectre alongside an Alien Magma. The Alien Magma is voiced by Isamu Yūsen Isamu. While he first appeared in episodes 1 and 30 of Ultraman Leo, his place in the Gua Military alluded to the Evil Battle Aliens Alien Magma Triumvirate, Aku no Sentō Seijin Maguma Seijin San-ninshū from the Andro Melos miniseries. Transforming Phantom Alien Zetton, Henshin Kaijin Zetton Seijin, Appears carrying a suit designed after a golden tuxedo. The Alien Babarue was voiced by Kazunori Naotsuka Naotsuka Kazunori and first appeared in episodes 38 and 39 of Ultraman Leo.

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