Digital blackmail is generally initiated via a buddy request

Most individuals who have a close or distant relationship with the internet get up in the morning and check their incoming mail, social media accounts, and other news sites. The fact that the internet plays such a large role in our lives presents certain issues from time to time. Because of the growing use of technology, “digital blackmail” instances have skyrocketed.

What is digital blackmail?

Digital ابتزاز  is the exposing of people to blackmail by recording improper photographs of people they meet through various websites or with whom they connect due to emotional links. Essentially, digital blackmail is one of the occurrences that has evolved into many forms with the advancement of technology and is on the rise. سايبر blackmail is a kind of digital blackmail that originates mostly in Bulgaria and Morocco.

Bulgarian blackmail and its stages

Cities in Eastern and Northern Bulgaria are densely populated by digital extortion gangs. According to the blackmail occurrences, the victims’ initial point of contact is a friend request on Facebook or Instagram. These individuals generally converse with the victims in Turkish and Arabic. It should not be forgotten that, while the gang members in Bulgarian blackmail speak Turkish and Arabic, the language they speak is corrupt Turkish and Arabic. They insist on speaking Turkish and Arabic mostly to make the victim feel close to him. After a while, it is typically recommended to move to a video call platform like Skype. The criminals then dupe the victim by giving her a video clip of sexually provocative photos of a lady. Similarly, permitting the victim to transmit comparable photos results in improper images of the people being collected. These individuals, who captured improper photos of the victim, threatened to disseminate the images around the victim, blackmail the victim, and demand enormous quantities of money. As you can see, blackmail begins with a friend request and ends with threatening the person’s filthy photos by sending them to all friends lists and posting them on websites.

Stages of Friend Request 

Morocco is another hotspot for digital blackmail. The subject is imprisoned here using identical techniques. In cases of digital blackmail conducted by Moroccans, the perpetrators generally converse in English, get the victim to make a video call, and then covertly capture improper photos of the victim using platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, Skype, or chat sites. They blackmail the victim on the grounds that their improper content would be transmitted to the victim’s buddy list on social media and circulated throughout the internet, similar to Bulgarian blackmail.

How can you escape digital blackmail?

The first step a victim of digital blackmail must take to stop blackmail is to refuse to compromise on blackmail. Staying in touch with the blackmailers and doing the requested actions one by one paves the path for the blackmail to continue. Even if you simply satisfy the blackmailed person’s request once, the opponent will place additional pressure on the victim. As a result, the most essential thing blackmail victims should understand is that the blackmailer should not do what the blackmailer wants. The following step should be to prevent improper photos from being published on the internet. If the photos are shared, an informatics firm that offers reputation management services should be engaged to guarantee that the content is tracked and permanently removed from the online environment. Sharing and dissemination of improper information can therefore be avoided by screening the victim on the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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